7 RV pantry storage ideas

RV pantries are tight. Fitting a trip’s worth of food gets tricky fast. But smart storage solutions help you make the most of your pantry.

Discover ideas to maximize pantry space and achieve the level of pantry organization that will allow for stress-free cooking on the road.

Quick links:

  • Use storage containers
  • Get sliding drawers
  • Use spice racks
  • Install hanging racks
  • Get a multi-tiered cart on wheels
  • Install flip-up counter extension
  • Use suction cup racks

Storage containers for good organization

Organize your RV’s kitchen cabinet with transparent storage bins. They allow visibility of contents so you know exactly what items are on hand. Square and rectangular shapes efficiently maximize shelf space. Purchase bins that are sized to fit your pantry to maximize space usage.

Consider sturdy plastic bins. Unlike glass, plastic isn’t prone to breakage over bumpy roads. Proper lids keep items securely contained, preventing spills and sealing in smells. Some latch while others slide to provide accessibility without removing the entire lid.

Attach bin organizers or rail systems to further customize your cabinets. Mount them on cabinet shelves. These organizers hold multiple bins, with adjustable dividers to further organize pantry space. Storage bins slide smoothly while remaining firmly fastened to prevent shifting or spilling as you drive.

Use clear labels on the front of bins and organizers for easy identification of contents. For example, designate specific bins for canned goods, baking staples, kitchen items, snacks, etc.

Keep similar items grouped to avoid the hassle of searching through everything to find what you need.

A storage bin system requires some upfront investment, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. Transform previously wasted space into a functional, organized pantry that saves precious time and frustration down the road. An orderly RV kitchen brings efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind on travel days.

Sliding drawers for hard-to-access spaces

RV cabinets have plenty of hard-to-reach spaces tucked into the back corners. Install sliding drawers to access those tucked-away spots and take advantage of all available space.

Choose high-quality ball bearing slides that fully extend to get a complete range of motion and make use of the entire space. Sturdy hardware that is properly installed will provide years of durability despite the constant wear and tear caused by traveling.

Consider a variety of drawer sizes to maximize every inch of your RV pantry:

  • Deep, wide drawers store bulkier items
  • Medium drawers neatly organize smaller pantry essentials
  • Stacked shallow drawers conveniently hold small accessories

Customize storage with removable organizers that divide drawer space into designated zones. For example, keep kitchen utensils readily accessible in one organizer, while pantry items stay grouped in another.

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Spice racks that latch in place

Install metal wire or magnetic spice racks that slide out conveniently when needed and latch firmly to remain stationary during travel. Secured racks keep all jars and bottles secure despite bumps or curves, preventing messy spills inside cabinets.

Choose racks with adjustable shelves and durable wire basket construction to accommodate spices and condiments of varying shapes and sizes. Racks built specifically for RVs have deeper shelves to handle taller bottles. They also help to get the most out of vertical spaces in narrow cabinets.

Rack frames latch tightly thanks to sturdy fastening mechanisms. Soft-close slides prevent forceful slamming when closing cabinet doors.

Buy our natural bamboo spice jars for your RV pantry! Each set comes with 12 round bamboo spice jars that are made of highly durable borosilicate glass. They’re dishwasher safe and come with airtight natural bamboo lids.

Hanging racks on cabinet doors

Install hanging racks on the inside of cabinet doors to take advantage of vacant vertical real estate. Door-mounted racks maximize existing square footage and can be adjusted as your storage needs change.

Look for over-the-door racks with sturdy steel frames wide enough to handle heavy items. Clear-view mesh panels allow visibility of contents. Find hanging racks with hooks that fit securely over the top of doors without the need to install hardware.

Use racks to hang bulkier gear like pots and pans vertically and free up precious cabinet shelf space for other items. Some racks come with built-in baskets, providing storage bins that can be labeled and categorized to suit your RV pantry’s needs.

Hanging racks are easy to move and create customizable storage space on the inside of cabinets. Store seasonal items like barbecuing utensils in the summer, and then gloves and toques in the winter.

Proper kitchen pantry organization prevents cabinet chaos and streamlines your RV living experience.

Multi-tiered cart on wheels

A multi-tiered metal cart on wheels instantly adds convenient, movable storage space to your RV. Place it wherever an extra pantry storage unit would be best used. Sturdy mesh shelving slides out to provide extra storage when set up and parked at campsites. When not being used, neatly collapse the cart into a compact unit and tuck it away until you need it again.

The mobility of a wheeled cart allows for convenient relocation and accommodation of changing storage needs. Store pantry overflows neat by dedicating cart shelves to canned goods, dry ingredients, and kitchen extras. Or use the extra storage space to keep cooking prep tools organized for easy grab-and-go access at meal times.

When you aren’t traveling for longer stretches, keep the cart outside underneath the RV’s awning to help clear clutter inside. A multi-tiered cart on casters helps solve RV organization limitations with mobile, customizable storage space.

Flip-up counter extension near the sink

RV kitchens often lack sufficient counter space for food prep and serving needs within tight spaces. Flip-up counter extensions are space savers. Install one to create an additional horizontal surface, and simply fold it down against the wall when not being used to keep walkways clear.

Choose durable extensions that support flush-mounted sinks and faucets without interference. Quality steel support brackets securely fasten to side walls or cabinets to hold weight when extended. Consider bamboo or wood laminate counter extensions for an attractive finish with resistance to water and stains.

A hinged flip-up counter extension creates the perfect temporary space for a mobile kitchen that lacks workable surface area. Unfold it conveniently near the sink when extra space is needed for meal preparation, clean-up, or serving. Utilize vertical brackets, hooks, and racks mounted on the extension panel itself to get extra storage space for things such as kitchen tools, paper towels, paper plates, or spices.

Create extra counter space as needed and then neatly fold it down when finished to give your RV kitchen more functionality without losing floor space. This storage solution helps families and guests navigate comfortably despite limited living space.

Suction cup racks on walls

Another creative storage solution to create extra pantry-style storage is to install small wire racks on walls, pantry cabinet doors, or countertops using strong suction cup mounts.

Suction-cup mounted racks allow convenient access to food and kitchen items where you need them most. Store knives and other dangerous utensils safely out of reach of small hands but still accessible by adults. Cup hooks can help organize hand towels without taking up much space.

Compact wall-mounted racks with adjustable shelves or mesh baskets maximize every inch of precious vertical space that is otherwise left vacant on the inside of pantry cabinets. Store spices, cans, mason jars, and more on the inner surface of pantry doors.

Strong suction cups secure racking in any RV kitchen and release easily for repositioning as storage needs change. This is a perfect solution to neat items and clear counter space while remaining within arm’s reach.

Small RV pantry storage ideas

Life in a small RV often comes with space limitations caused by tight quarters and compact layouts. Kitchen pantries and cooking storage spaces in particular can quickly become cluttered messes. However, there are numerous clever organizational solutions to maximize available storage space.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Install pull-out drawers with smooth full extension slides for proper visibility and easy access to the deep corners of cramped cabinets.
  • Use interior cabinet doors for mounted wire racks, mesh baskets, and suction cup shelves to increase storage space.
  • Put the least used pantry items in upper cabinets and place heavier items on the floor. This is a good way to store flour, sugar, and other dry bulk pantry staples.
  • Look for vertical slide-out pantries with secure latches and adjustable inner racks to prevent shifting during transit.
  • Mount a sturdy multi-tiered cart on wheels to reposition where extra storage is needed.
  • Install flip-up compact countertop extensions near sinks to add workable surface area when needed.
  • Try magnetic strips and hooks to keep essentials easily accessible and in clear view.
  • Use clear plastic bins to neatly corral contents and keep contents visible.
  • Install a lazy Susan in corner cabinets to take advantage of corner spaces and organize items efficiently.

The key is to take advantage of every inch of available space. A combination of fixed and movable storage units tailored to the unique floor plan and size restrictions of an RV optimizes limited pantry capacity.

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DIY RV pantry storage ideas

DIY projects allow you to tailor storage exactly how you want it without the high costs of custom cabinetry. Take advantage of vertical nooks with modular and multi-purpose storage units to provide accessible storage in cramped quarters.

Here are some DIY ideas for you to try:

Repurpose cabinet doors

Attach mesh grids, racks, or shelving onto inner cabinet doors transforming unused space into functional real estate. Sturdy, over-the-door racking options provide more storage options without complicated installation.

Construct a wall-mounted fold-out table

Build a hinged wooden frame table top that allows for a smooth transition from a tucked away position to a flip-up surface as required.

Install shelving under sinks

Make use of open space underneath sinks to neatly corral cleaning products or waste bins that would otherwise take up storage space or cluttering walkways.

Pantry storage ideas FAQ

How do I organize my RV kitchen cabinets?

To organize RV kitchen cabinets, install pull-out shelves with full extension slides and wire shelves to access all vertical storage space, even cramped corners. Use turntables or lazy Susans in corner cabinets to better access items. Label your pantry system and use clear plastic bins for categories such as utensils, pantry staples, or spices.

How do I organize my pantry corners?

Maximize awkward pantry corners by installing a vertical slide-out tower with adjustable shelving that pulls out conveniently when needed, but stays shut during travel. Spinning lazy Susan racks also provide easy access within corner cabinet spaces while neatly corralling canned goods or dry ingredients.

How do you organize a pantry with limited space?

In a pantry with limited space, mounting wall grids or over-the-door racks add extra space without taking up valuable floor space. Slide-out vertical shelving units and compartmentalized drawer organizers also help make the most of every available inch of space.

How do you store food in an RV?

To store food in an RV, organize food items and ingredients using storage bins, baskets, and shelf dividers to prevent shifting. Cabinets with quality latches keep items from shifting and spilling while on the road. Consider using zip bags to keep your food fresh for longer.

What food should be stocked in travel trailers?

For travel trailer pantries, focus on non-perishable proteins such as canned tuna or chicken, dried beans and peas, nuts, peanut butter, and long-lasting fruits like apples. Instant pasta, rice, oats, cereal, shelf-stable milk, broths, and dried spices are also great staples to bring on your RV adventures.

Can I leave spices in my RV?

Savvy & Sorted spice jars can be kept in cold environments if stored inside latched cabinets to prevent temperature fluctuations that accelerate the spoiling process. Oxygen absorber packs added to containers will help to preserve freshness. Bring costly spices inside if the weather becomes unfavorable to avoid waste.

How do I maximize my RV storage space?

To maximize your RV storage space:

  • Install mountable racks on cabinet doors and walls for vertical hanging space
  • Buy space-saving furniture that can be collapsed and stored
  • Stack plastic bins for visibility and extra storage
  • Build custom shelves under benches or sinks to take advantage of unused space
  • Use organizational tools and accessories where possible

How do I lay out my pantry?

When you lay out a travel trailer pantry, designate specific spaces for different food categories—shelves for canned goods, plastic baskets for produce, and slide-out vertical racks for baking items and spices. Heavier dry bulk ingredients can go on lower racks, while lesser-used items and overstock go up top.

How do I organize my pantry without buying anything?

To organize your RV pantry with no extra cost, neatly group like ingredients in reusable shopping bags, picnic baskets, or even laundry bins for sectioned compartments. Secure bags with fasteners you have lying around. For dry goods, use clear plastic recyclable containers, jugs, or jars to maintain visibility and keep items organized.