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Unlock A Tidier Kitchen With Spice Jar Labels – Where Aesthetics Meets Functionality

Tired of rummaging through a disorganized collection of spice jars every time you cook? Savvy & Sorted's spice jar labels offer a stylish solution that brings order and elegance to your kitchen. These meticulously designed labels fit perfectly on any container, transforming cluttered shelves into a well-organized, visually appealing pantry. With every spice in its rightful place, your kitchen becomes a model of efficiency and style.

Premium Quality And Appearance

Our spice jar labels are crafted from high-quality, waterproof premium vinyl that ensures durability and longevity. These labels are tough against tears and peels yet can be easily replaced without leaving a sticky residue. The modern black font printed on a crisp white background not only enhances readability but also adds a tinge of contemporary polish to your kitchen. 

Whether for your pantry, spice jars, or kitchen, these spice jar labels are built to withstand the rigors of everyday kitchen activities.

Give Your Kitchen A Chic Makeover With Jars & Spice Labels

It is a combo! Transform your pantry into a chef's dream with our high borosilicate glass spice bottles and labels together that are perfectly designed to withstand heat up to 356F. 

Imagine the joy of effortless cooking as every spice and seasoning is neatly organized and labeled, making culinary adventures a breeze. Experience the flawless blend of functionality and elegance exclusively with Savvy & Sorted today! 

Sheer Organizational Brilliance

Essential Variety Of Spice Jar Labels: Each set includes the most necessary spice stickers and seasoning labels, providing a comprehensive solution to your spice organization needs.

What Is Coming In The Pack? 

  • 146 Seasoning Labels 
  • 3 Expiration Date Labels
  • 1 DIY Blank Label for custom needs
  • 6 months warranty

Labels That Fit Many Jars! 

Whether you prefer traditional round jars or sleek rectangular containers, our versatile spice labels are designed to adhere perfectly, ensuring a consistent look that enhances the organization and style of your kitchen pantry.

You just peel off the sticker, clean the jar's surface, and stick it on. It is simple, easy, and long-lasting. 

We Have created The Buzz - Now Every Jar Has A Story to Tell

Our customers have embraced the cycle of stylish, eco-friendly living. Now, it is your turn to create a sustainable kitchen space that is both chic and environmentally conscious. 

  • "I am so glad I purchased these labels. They are really sleek. The paper they are printed on is high quality and durable. It is also easy to apply and reapply if you get the placement wrong." - Lorraine Rios reviewing our spice jar labels. 
  • "They fit the jar lids nice." Marley reviewing our spice jar labels.
  • "Great size and so many to choose from and a a few blanks to make others. You could write on the blank labels if you need one but I used some of the extra labels to cut the little letters out to make words that most people don't have on their spice rack. ie: DULSE lol Worked great. Makes my spice jars easier to find what I need." - Mina reviewing our spice jar labels.
  • "It helped with making my cabinet look nice and organized. Easier to find my spices with the new set up." - Clarissa Marin reviewing our spice jar labels.


A. Can the labels be applied to surfaces other than glass or plastic?

- Absolutely, our labels adhere well to various surfaces, ensuring versatility across all your storage needs.

B. What if I want to update my spice collection?

- Our labels are easy to remove and replace, making updates hassle-free.

C. Are the labels arranged alphabetically in the set?

- The labels are grouped by category for intuitive placement, allowing you to organize as per your preference.

D. Can these labels withstand high-humidity environments like dishwashers?

- Yes, our labels' waterproof design means they can withstand moist environments, maintaining their integrity and appearance.

E. Is there an option for bulk purchasing for a commercial setup?

- We offer bulk purchasing options, which are ideal for culinary businesses looking to maintain an organized and professional kitchen space.