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Our basket labels and tags are the perfect way to label your storage bins and baskets. Whether you use wire baskets, wicker, or some other type of storage basket, our tags give you the power to find what you’re looking for. We take home organization to new heights. Choose from wood tags, white acrylic, black acrylic, or clear acrylic.

White basket tags

Our white tags look great with black script. You can use our black chalkboard market to write on them, or you can affix any of our awesome pre-printed labels to them. For example, our minimalist labels offer a timeless, classy aesthetic to your pantry organization, laundry room, or kitchen.

Here are some product details:

  • 12 blank acrylic basket tags
  • Rectangle shape
  • Precut holes
  • 1.96 x 3.54 inches (5 x 9 cm)
  • 156 inches natural jute twine string (13 feet)
  • 1.5mm jute thickness

Black basket tags

These are very similar to our white tags, but in black. Write on them with our fine-tip white chalk marker, or use our ready-made labels. For example, our pantry labels come pre-printed for pretty much every item you’d ever expect to find in your pantry.

Clear basket tags

These are made of transparent acrylic. Write on them with a black or a white chalk marker. Or, use any of our pre-printed labels on them. Super versatile.

Wood tags

For a retro, earthy vibe, try our wood tags. You can write directly on them, or stick our pre-printed labels to them. 

Here’s some product info:

  • 12 blank wood hanging tags
  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Circle shape
  • Precut holes
  • 3 inch diameter
  • 1.5mm wood thickness
  • 156 inches natural jute twine string (13 feet)
  • 1.5mm jute thickness

Organization FAQ

A. How do you label a wicker basket?

- The best way to label a wicker basket is to hang a cute tag, and label the tag using a marker or preprinted label. This technique works great for pantry organization, laundry room organization, kitchen organization, garage organization, and all-around home organization

B. How do you attach labels to storage bins?

- Use our wooden or acrylic tags. Attach an hanging tag to each storage bin with twine (included), and then label the hanging tags with a marker or with our labels. 

C. What’s the best way to organize my spices?

- Here are some tips to level up your spice organization game:

  1. Choose a good spice organization system: spice rack, pantry shelves, drawer organization, or some other method.
  2. Use quality glass spice jars to hold your spices. We offer a selection of borosilicate glass spice jars with natural bamboo lids (choose from black bamboo or natural bamboo). Our bamboo spice jars are airtight, thanks to their silicone seal. They also look fantastic.
  3. Label your spices clearly. You can use homemade labels (e.g., sharpie and tape), or you can buy any of our attractive preprinted spice jar labels. If you want your spices to look really classy (and if you want the labeling process to be super easy), go for the latter option. Our spice labels cover pretty much every spice there is, and they come in black with white script or white with black script in a minimalist aesthetic. 

D. What’s the best pantry organization system?

- The best pantry organization system is the one that works for you. Here are some approaches to choose from:

Group like items

  1. Organize your pantry by grouping similar items together in designated areas. Keep all baking supplies—flour, sugar, baking powder, and spices on one or two shelves. This way, everything you need to bake is in one spot. 
  2. Assign another shelf for snacks such as granola bars, chip bags, pretzels, and crackers. Use clear plastic bins to easily see contents without shuffling through packages.
  3. Do the same with canned goods, group them in one area alphabetically or by food type (e.g. soups, vegetables, beans, etc..) Keep your most used categories near eye level for easy access. 
  4. Grouped-like items will make recipe preparation much easier and faster. It also helps identify which items need to be used up or restocked.

Organize by category

Keep your pantry in order by organizing ingredients and foods into designated categories. 

  1. Group together shelf-stable items that fall within the same food category such as dry foods, snacks, canned vegetables, baking necessities, favorite beverages, etc. Assign each group their shelf, bin, or section.
  2. Use dividing shelves, bins, and food storage containers to neatly separate and define ingredient categories within shared storage areas. This keeps similar items clustered together and distinctly separated from other item types.
  3. Label shelves, bins, and hooks with category names such as "baking goods" or "canned fruits and veggies." 
  4. Arrange items within categories alphabetically so ingredients are easy to find. Or order them rotationally with newer items at the back to promote first-in, first-out stock rotation.
  5. As you put newly purchased groceries away, make a point to return items to their designated area.