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Discover Effortless Organization with Savvy & Sorted Chalkboard Labels

Unleash Creativity with Doodle-Friendly Chalkboard Labels

It is a familiar scenario: you are racing against the clock, trying to prepare a meal or find a crucial item, but nothing seems to be where it should be. 

Your pantry seems to be in a mess but we have a solution! 

Savvy & Sorted chalkboard labels are here to rescue your space from chaos with a creative twist. These innovative labels transform mundane organizing into an art form, allowing you to scribble on your own and categorize your belongings with style.


Here is how chalkboard labels can revolutionize your home organization:

  • Streamline pantry management with easily reusable pantry labels for quick identification. 
  • Boost efficiency in home offices by labeling files and supplies for easy access and reorganization.
  • Simplify toy storage with customizable labels that help children learn sorting and organizational skills.
  • Optimize workshop utility with durable, reusable labels for tools, materials, and safety equipment.

Transform Storage Into Art With Chalkboard Jar Labels

Versatility is what we serve, and hence, we have made these chalkboard labels perfectly suited for every room. They enable you to organize everything from spices and dry goods in the kitchen to toy bins in the kids' rooms, tools in the garage, and miscellaneous items in the pantry. 

The adaptability of chalkboard labels makes them an ideal choice for maintaining order and style in various settings.

Have a closer look at the products: 

  1. Chalkboard Labels Set: Offers a reusable and stylish way to keep your spaces organized, ideal for everything from pantry items to office supplies. Simply write, peel, and stick these durable labels wherever needed to bring a functional yet decorative touch to your living space. 
  2. Narrow Chalkboard Labels Roll: A set of narrow chalkboard rolls includes 200 black and white vinyl strips, perfect for creating custom labels and decorations with a sleek, minimalist design. Paired with a marker that provides a ready-to-use solution for crafting, organizing, and quickly personalizing your space.
  3. Scalloped Chalkboard Labels Roll: These chalkboard labels for jars are a game-changer for pepping up your jars and containers! They are cute and curvy labels, perfect for adding a personal touch to your pantry corner, and they are super easy to use. Just peel, stick, and scribble away!
  4. Wide Chalkboard Labels Roll: Revamp your storage with our wide rectangle chalkboard labels! These stickers are erasable and reusable, making organization a breeze. Each pack includes a fine-tip liquid chalk marker for precise chisel or bullet writing. Just wipe it clean with water whenever you need to update.

Ideal For Every Item!

Chalkboard labels are incredibly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of home items, including:

  • Kitchen: Jars for spices, dried goods, homemade snacks, and even freezer items.
  • Bathroom: Containers for cotton balls, makeup, bath salts, and more.
  • Kids' Rooms: Bins for toys, books, and clothes.
  • Office And Craft Rooms: Boxes for supplies, files, and crafting materials.
  • Garage And Storage Areas: Shelves for tools, sports equipment, and seasonal decor.

Each label serves as a mini-canvas where you can unleash your creativity. 

Reviews Never Lie - It Speaks Of Our Brand! 

Have you tried us out yet? We guarantee satisfaction. 

  • "Great variety of sizes, excellent quality. Exactly as described." - Sue Dawson
  • "I was dubious about the pen working - it did very well. Took a while to start. The labels themselves are like a vinyl and very sturdy. Pen wipes off if mistakes were made. They stick very well, you need to be accurate as relocating may damage the label if you are not careful. There is SO many labels in pack that I think I could do another 2 pantries." - Alison V
  • "The labels are really nice, and the pen works very well. Easy to use, and the pen erases easily to reuse the labels. Would buy again." - Amy
  • "I've used these in the past and just got another pack. I love these. The marker is easy to write with, and the designs are classy. Easy to remove, too. I just placed the flour label after 2 years being on, and it lifted with no residue." - Helena


A. What surfaces can chalkboard labels be applied to?

- Chalkboard labels can adhere to smooth, clean surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal, and wood. For best results, check the surface is clean and dry before application.

B. Are these labels reusable?

- Yes, our chalkboard labels are designed to be reusable. You can write on them with chalk or a marker and easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth to reuse.

C. Can chalkboard labels withstand moisture?

- Our labels are water-resistant, making them suitable for use on items that may come into contact with moisture. However, they are not waterproof, so we recommend not submerging them in water.

D. How do I remove the labels without leaving residue?

- To remove the labels, peel them off slowly from one corner. If any residue remains, it can typically be wiped away with a bit of rubbing alcohol or a standard adhesive remover.

E. What type of writing instrument should I use with these labels?

- For the best visibility and ease of cleaning, use the markers on the chalkboard labels. These markers provide a vibrant and smooth writing experience, and the writing can be easily removed with a damp cloth.