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Make Your Storage Space A Tidy Corner With Round Labels

Welcome to a world where clutter meets its match—Savvy & Sorted's round spice labels. It is designed to seamlessly blend functionality with an aesthetic appeal. More than a product, they are a solution for an organized kitchen and pantry. If your kitchen zone is messy, it is the right time to opt for some round spice labels. 

What will they do? 

They will tag your spice jars with named labels, making it easy to find the right ingredient at the right time. 

Round Labels For A Cleaner Kitchen - Simplify Your Shelves

Upgrade the way you organize your kitchen with our round labels, specifically designed to help you achieve a cleaner, more streamlined look. It cuts down time in finding what you need when you need it and adds sleek sophistication to your spice jars and containers. 

Durability And Design That Won't Make You Regret! 

  • Waterproof And Durable: Crafted from premium vinyl, our labels are built to last. They resist tearing and peeling but can be replaced easily without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Chic Visibility: Featuring a modern font against a crisp background, these labels do not just organize—they stylize.
  • Versatile Use: Our labels are not just for the kitchen. They are perfect for organizing your pantry, spice jars, laundry supplies, bathroom essentials, and more.

Transforming Home With Storing Solutions

Savvy & Sorted's round labels are versatile, crafted to accommodate any size and shape of spice jar—small or large, rectangular or round. 

The design allows for flexible placement options. 

You can apply them directly on the spice lids or on the face of the containers, providing optimal convenience and ensuring the labels are always visible and accessible. 

All you need to do is buy the labels and stick them on the jars. Voila! Your kitchen is organized with a peppy touch.  

Voices From The Round Labels Gallery

Our customers have chosen our eco-friendly products, made their kitchen space tidier, and improved some labels as well. They are satisfied. You can, too, be a part of us. 

  • "They fit the jar lids nice." - Marley reviewing our black round spice labels. 
  • "It helped with making my cabinet look nice and organized. Easier to find my spices with the new set up." - Clarissa Marin reviewing our black round spice labels. 
  • "Heaps of labels to choose from and looks great on the rack." - Hannah Rose reviewing our black round spice labels. 
  • "I like the font. I like the fact that the labels are white with black lettering. When I put them on the lids of my spice jars, they are very easy to read. There are even labels for seasonings like Za'tar and Chinese Five Spice." - Beth Neal reviewing our white round spice labels. 


A. What sizes do your round spice jar labels come in?

- Our round spice jar labels are available in various sizes, specifically 1.5 inches, to fit all standard spice jars. Whether you have small, medium, or large jars, we have the perfect size to ensure a snug, seamless fit.

B. Can the labels withstand frequent handling and washing?

- Yes, the labels are designed to endure frequent handling and exposure to kitchen conditions. Hand wash them gently and avoid putting them in the dishwasher. 

C. Can I customize the labels with my own design or text?

- You will get five black labels from our round spice labels collection. Here, you can name your spices as you need. 

D. Are the round labels safe to use in the refrigerator or freezer?

- Yes, our round labels are designed to withstand cold temperatures, making them perfect for refrigerators and freezers. They maintain their adhesion and legibility, so you can confidently label items for cold storage.

E. Can the round labels be used on containers other than spice jars?

- Absolutely! The round labels are versatile and can be applied to various kitchen containers, including jars for homemade jams, canning bottles, and even Tupperware. They are a great way to organize and beautify kitchen storage solutions.