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Glass Spice Jars with Lids

You’ll have your spice rack organized in no time with these adorable bamboo lid glass jars. Choose from natural bamboo or black bamboo lids.

Here are the details

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of high borosilicate glass
  • Silicone seal to keep spices fresh
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 356°F
  • Handwash bamboo lids (do not put lids through dishwasher)

Your spice cabinet never looked so good as it does with our bamboo spice jars.

Glass food storage containers are best

Nobody wants plastics leaching into their foods. Glass food storage is far superior to plastic, and that applies in the spice organization department. Glass food jars keep spices fresher and don’t contaminate your spices.

Here are some reasons our customers opt for glass food storage:

  1. Glass is non-porous and impermeable. This means flavors, oils, and smells from food ingredients and spices cannot soak into the glass or pass through it. This helps contents retain their freshness and prevents odors from leaking out. Plastics and some other materials can absorb odors over time.
  2. Glass is inert. It does not react with or leach chemicals into foods or spices stored inside. Some plastics and metals can leach harmful chemicals when in contact with acidic or salty foods over extended periods. Glass provides a chemically neutral environment.
  3. Glass allows visibility of contents. Its transparent nature lets you easily see how much of a spice or food you have left without opening the jar and sifting through opaque containers. This makes inventory and cooking easier.
  4. Glass handles temperature extremes well. It can go from freezer to oven or microwave without warping, cracking, or melting. This versatility lends itself well to storage and reheating applications. Many plastics cannot withstand such extreme shifts.
  5. Glass is eco-friendly and sustainable. It can be recycled endlessly with no loss of purity or quality. Glass jars and containers can have a very long usable lifespan and do not negatively impact the environment like some disposable plastic containers might.
  6. Glass has an air of quality and traditional appeal. Its legacy of use throughout history lends an aesthetic quality and nostalgia that consumers often prefer over modern plastic or metal containers. The clarity of glass can showcase food contents attractively. If you’re serious about pantry organization, you’ll choose glass.

Customer reviews

Customers love organizing their spice collection with our jars and labels. Here are a few reviews:

“I love these jars! I use them for the spices that I have. They hold a lot in these jars (about 8 oz). I like how thick the glass is. The lid is sturdy too and has a silicone seal to make it air tight. You can wash the glass container in the dishwasher/hand wash, while the bamboo lid can only be washed by hand. Package arrived quickly and is packed securely. I also bought the Savvy and Sorted Spice Labels and it really added a nice touch to the spice jars. I highly recommend this product! It’s made really well and looks great!” — “Mommyto4” reviewing our natural bamboo spice jars.

“I love them so much, wanted to do spice jars but never found the ones I wanted till now.” —Jane Harper, reviewing our black bamboo spice jars.

“These worked perfectly to organize my spice rack! I ordered some labels along with them and now my pantry looks super cute, and my seasonings are easy to find!” —Kaitlyn Walker, reviewing our natural bamboo spice jars.

Square spice jars with labels

Our adorable square spice jar set comes with pre-printed waterproof labels for your ease of use. Choose from white labels or black labels in a minimalist design. 

The set comes with 24 4oz square food-grade glass jars, each with a bamboo lid. A silicone ring provides an airtight seal, keeping your spices fresh.

Pair these glass spice jars with our labels

Hey,  what’s better than glass spice jars? Glass spice jars with labels, of course. Choose from blank labels that you can write on, or pre-printed spice labels in a variety of styles. 

Simply affix our easy spice labels to your spice containers and take your organization to new heights. 

We give you a wide variety of labeling choices for your glass containers so you’ll find your favorite seasonings with ease. They’re all so cute that you can’t go wrong. Your spice organizer will get a definite upgrade. Here are some types of labels we offer:

  • Minimalist labels: super classy, available in black script on white background, or white script on black background.
  • Chalkboard labels: use our chalkboard marker to write on these cute chalkboard labels. Great for the pantry, kitchen, or anywhere.
  • Pre-printed expiration labels: keep track of when foodstuffs expire with these classic expiration labels.

Glass jars FAQ

A. Do spice jars need to be airtight?

- Spice jars should be airtight to keep spices fresh. Our spice jars have silicon rings for an airtight seal.

B. What is the best material for spice jars? 

- Glass is the best material for spice jars. It won’t leach, like plastic will. It’s transparent, so you can see what’s inside. And, you can easily affix labels to each jar. To top it all off, our bamboo spice jars look amazing in your spice organizer or pantry shelf. 

C. Can you store spices in Ziploc bags?  

- You could store spices in Ziploc bags, but why would you want to? You wouldn’t—and here’s why:

  1. Ziploc bags are porous. Flavors and aromas can more easily escape out of plastic Ziploc bags compared to rigid, airtight containers like glass or even hard plastics. This means your spices stored in bags may lose potency and freshness faster over time.
  2. Potential for spills and contamination. Spice bags are prone to ripping and leaking if mishandled, especially bags holding fine powdery spices. Loose spice dust can then spread everywhere and contamination between spices is riskier. Rigid containers help avoid spills.
  3. Difficult to label.- It can be tricky to neatly label plastic bags containing loose powder contents, making spice identification troublesome especially if bags get separated. Hard containers can more easily retain labels.
  4. Takes up more space. Bags are less efficient for pantry storage and stacking compared to rigid canisters and jars that maximize shelf space.

D. Can I store spices in Tupperware? 

- You could store spices in Tupperware containers, but plastic tupperware will leach. Glass food storage beats any other type of food storage container, and this is even more true when it comes to spices, which have strong flavor profiles. An airtight glass jar is definitely the way to go.

E. Should you refrigerate spices?

- You don’t need to refrigerate spices. Just keep them in airtight glass spice bottles or jars and you’ll be just fine.

- Our glass jars with bamboo lids have serious aesthetic appeal and look great in your pantry or spice rack.