13 brilliant above toilet storage ideas

13 brilliant above toilet storage ideas

Bathroom storage is tight. Finding space for towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies can get tricky. But smart storage solutions help you make the most of the space above your toilet.

We highlight 13 above toilet storage ideas to maximize space and achieve the level of organization that will allow for stress-free bathroom maintenance.

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Mounted tissue holder

Box frame shelf

Metal wire shelf

Tension pole caddy

Sliding basket

Floating corner shelves

Suction cup caddy

Tiered storage caddy

Wall mount dispenser


Rail with S-hooks

Built-in shelves

Mounted tissue holder

Install mounted tissue holders with spring-loaded arms that smoothly dispense toilet paper rolls. Place them conveniently beside the toilet tank for easy access while seated. Sturdy mounts keep the dispenser securely positioned despite regular use.

Choose corrosion-resistant metal holders with a sleek finish that complements your bathroom’s existing hardware and aesthetics. Opt for black, bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel. The durable metal construction maintains its integrity for years of reliability.

The spring mechanism allows smooth, one-handed dispensing so you can easily grab tissue without having the roll unravel and wasting sheets. Once the current roll runs out, the empty tube is quickly swapped for a full one.

Select an oversized holder with a deeper cradle and thicker spindle to fit larger rolls. It also prevents smaller rolls from coming loose.

Box frame shelf for extra toilet paper rolls

Don't let that existing narrow space above your toilet go to waste. Install a box frame shelf to neatly store extra rolls of toilet paper. This vertical storage solution takes advantage of often overlooked space to expand your bathroom's storage capacity.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Mount the shelf securely to studs in the bathroom wall above the tank to support the weight of multiple rolls.
  • Opt for shelves with a front lip to neatly corral rolls and prevent them from falling off.
  • Consider open-wire shelf designs to allow airflow and moisture control in humid bathroom environments.
  • Install adjustable or even stacked shelves to accommodate different numbers or sizes of spare rolls.
  • Choose corrosion-resistant materials such as chrome, steel, or plastic that hold up well in damp spaces.

With this clever storage idea, that wasted space transforms into a handy spot to store backup supplies right where you need them most.

Metal wire shelf for towels and toiletries

Take full advantage of unused vertical space above your toilet with open metal wire shelves. These handy shelves allow you to neatly store folded towels, washcloths, and daily toiletries right within arm's reach.

Opt for durable chrome, steel, or alloy shelf materials that can withstand the humid bathroom environment. Proper mounting at multiple stud points provides safety and stability for holding toiletries and stacked linens.

Unlike solid shelving, the open wire design promotes airflow to keep fabrics and personal items fresh and dry. Further enhance accessibility with features such as adjustable tilt shelves, folding down capabilities, or even wheeled tracks allowing shelves to smoothly slide side-to-side.

Transform overlooked space into convenient storage for daily essentials. Metal wire shelves are an excellent way to boost your bathroom's storage capacity and keep necessary items neatly organized and close at hand above the toilet area. The open shelves promote airflow while sturdy materials and proper mounting ensure stability.

Tension pole caddy for bathroom essentials

If your toilet is tucked into a corner, take advantage of the vertical space above it with handy spring-loaded tension pole caddies. Adjustable poles wedge securely between the floor and ceiling to customize the fit. Built-in shelving keeps hand soaps, hair products, toilet paper, and other bath accessories organized yet conveniently within reach.

Tension caddies transform open space above your toilet into useful storage tailored to your needs. Their versatility fits toiletries, backup supplies, and cleaning items that might otherwise clutter bathroom sinks or countertops. Make the most of vertical real estate with caddies designed to maximize storage capacity.

Over the tank sliding basket

Sliding wire storage baskets offer a clever solution for making the most of that often underused space right above the toilet. This snug spot can be a challenge to organize, but these baskets are designed to maximize storage in this tight area.

With smooth side-to-side movement facilitated by handy wheels, these baskets provide easy access without claiming any permanent floor space. They effortlessly slide into place when needed and discreetly rest over the tank when not in use.

Opt for an open wire, mesh, or slotted basket to ensure proper airflow. This helps prevent moisture buildup, safeguarding the contents from potential damage. The sturdy construction and secure fronts ensure your spare toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other toiletries are neatly corralled and conveniently within reach.

Floating corner shelves for towels


Floating corner shelves offer a clever storage solution. Take advantage of this often-overlooked space to neatly fold bath linens and get an extra storage area right where you need it.

Floating shelves properly screwed into wall studs give you sturdy ledges without using up floor space. Pick corner shelves sized for fold-up hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels. Put them at heights that work for everyone in your home.

Stashing towels in empty corners is smarter than piling them on vanities and around sinks. Corner shelves keep your everyday items handy but clear off your counters and mirrors so your bathroom feels spacious.

Suction cup caddy for bathroom essentials

Use that blank wall space above your toilet tank by installing a caddy with suction cups. Instant storage shelves keep daily essentials organized, within reach, off the countertops. 

The suction cups stick tightly to smooth walls yet are removed easily when needed to access the space behind. Built-in ledges and sections prevent shampoo bottles, soap dispensers, spare toilet paper rolls, and other items from cluttering sinks.

Suction cup caddies reduce mess by keeping necessities handy but decluttered from the main counter space. They are also a good option for those who want to avoid using studs to hang shelving.

Tiered storage caddy for toilet paper and supplies

Tiered storage caddies are excellent toilet storage solutions to keep spare rolls, personal items, and other bathroom necessities organized yet accessible. 

Look for shelf caddies with 4-5 tiers so you can customize storage specifics to your needs. Sturdy shelving keeps spare toilet paper rolls upright and easily accessible. The top ledges and wire baskets are ideal for neatly organizing smaller items such as cotton balls, makeup, hair ties, bath toys, and many more. The lowest shelves are great for bigger bottles of mouthwash, lotions, etc.

You can slide the rolling organizer's entire caddy from side to side on its tracks when you mount it deeper into the recessed cabinet area to easily access items at the very back.

Wall mount dispenser for wipes

Install wall-mount dispensers above the toilet to create convenient access to sanitizing wipes. Choose corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or chrome-plated plastic that withstand humidity. Sturdy screw mounts keep dispensers firmly positioned.

Opt for dispensers with a weighted plate that presses against the wipes roll. This allows you to neatly extract one wipe at a time without unraveling a pile or wasting sheets. Dispensers built to hold full-size rolls mean less frequent replacements.

Well-placed wipe dispensers ensure you always have easy access to wipes when needed, whether for cleansing tasks or quick hand sanitizing. Keeping wipes off countertops also contributes to a decluttered look.

Baskets for bathroom reading material

A stylish basket and a simple shelf are all you need to store your bathroom reading material. Store your favorite magazines, books, and e-readers.


The basket doesn’t have to be just for reading material, you can use it as additional storage for other things like hand towels, air fresheners, and other products. Opt for a neutral-toned woven basket that complements your existing bathroom decor so it blends in seamlessly.

Use the shelf as a stylish addition. Place a decorative tray or a photo frame to elevate the beauty of your bathroom space.

Rail with S-hooks for hand towels

A mounted rail with coordinated hooks creates a small but handy hanging space for hand towels above your toilet. Take advantage of this narrow yet accessible spot to store two to three of your most used washcloths or small towels.

The rail can blend discreetly into existing decor when paired with hooks and brackets in brushed metal, oil-rubbed bronze, or chrome. Fold washcloths over durable hooks to dry out after baths or showers. Keep them handy but out of sight.

Medicine cabinet storage

Install an enclosed medicine cabinet with shelves and hooks above for organizing bathroom items vertically. Choose a surface-mounted or recessed cabinet size to maximize unused area and get extra space for your beauty products and hair tools.

Brighten up your cabinet's interior with added lighting to showcase its contents. Install charging stations inside to conveniently plug-in electric toothbrushes, shavers, or other electronics.

Built-in bathroom storage 

Install built-in shelves above the toilet tank and on either side to get additional storage space. 

Opt for open shelving with adjustable racks to accommodate clean towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials. High-quality materials such as finished wood or metal withstand humidity while slotted or wire designs allow airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

Install shelving at multiple heights for personalized storage. Upper shelves can keep spare toilet paper upright and make rolls easily accessible. Lower shelves can neatly organize larger bottles, makeup organizers, and cleaning supplies. Add convenient features such as towel bars for hanging hand towels to dry.

Built-in bathroom units with adjustable shelves, drawer organizers, and other customizable options can have ample storage capacity. Clear the clutter from sink storage by organizing items and storing them conveniently above the toilet.

Above-the-toilet storage FAQ

Where do you put floating shelves above a toilet?

You can install minimalist floating shelves in the corners above the toilet tank to neatly fold washcloths, hand towels, and other small linens. Position them at various heights that work for all household members for easy access.

How do you store towels in the bathroom?

Opt for a mounted rail with S-hooks above the toilet to hang two or three of your most frequently used plush washcloths or towels. The rail and adhesive hooks can complement existing decorative hardware and keep them easily accessible but out of sight.

You can also use towel racks to keep them close at hand and neatly organized.

Can you use storage jars in the bathroom?

Yes, you can use storage jars in your bathroom. Clear glass jars are perfect for cotton swabs, cotton rounds, bath bombs, bath salts, beauty tools such as tweezers, nail clippers, etc. Their transparency allows you to easily identify content. You can also use preprinted or chalkboard labels to give them a personal touch.

How do you style a toilet room?

You can style your toilet room with wooden accent walls, patterned wallpaper, or vivid paint colors that enhance the room's aesthetic. Built-in shelving, tall cabinets, and corner floating shelves can boost storage. Decorative objects, a nice rug, a petite chandelier, artwork, and live plants can create a personal touch.

For a farmhouse vibe, opt for rustic elements such as reclaimed wood accents, a distressed vanity, and antique-style fixtures. Consider adding barn doors or shiplap walls to enhance the rustic charm. Vintage-inspired accessories, such as metal baskets, mason jar organizers, and wrought iron towel hooks can complement the farmhouse aesthetic. Complete the look with cozy textiles like burlap or linen curtains and a vintage-inspired rug for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

What are some brilliant bathroom storage ideas?

Great bathroom storage ideas include:

  • Wall-mounted racks with woven baskets for rolled towels
  • Vintage-style metal lockers for extra toiletries
  • Suspended wooden platforms above the toilet as extra shelving
  • Niche carved into the wall to fit woven trunks and bins
  • Floating glass-fronted cabinets showing off colorful bottles
  • Salvaged factory carts holding towels and laundry hampers
  • Ceiling-high stacked vintage suitcases storing linens

How do you store things in a bathroom with no storage?

Install an adjustable tension pole caddy between the bathroom floor and ceiling to gain shelving. Wall-mounted corner shelves or medicine cabinets optimize space above the toilet. 

Freestanding narrow shelving units, over-the-door racks, suction cup caddies, toilet racks, and baskets all efficiently use every bit of available area.

What is a toilet rack used for?

A toilet rack is a wall-mounted storage unit designed to be positioned above the toilet tank, consisting of shelves and optional cabinetry, rods, and hooks to neatly organize necessities like extra rolls of toilet paper and small linens.

What do you put in a basket above the toilet?

You can put spare rolls of toilet paper, boxes of tissues, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other household linens in a basket above the toilet. You can also place small decorative items, reading materials, or essential toiletries in the basket for both practical storage and aesthetic appeal.