18 creative bathroom organization ideas

18 creative bathroom organization ideas

Crammed cabinets and messy countertops make getting ready a daily frustration. But with some clever bathroom organization solutions, you can transform the space into an oasis of order and efficiency.

Discover 18 creative organization ideas to cut the clutter and keep your bathroom tidy. 

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Open shelving above the toilet

Jars and cups in medicine cabinets

Storage bins and containers

Matching bottles

Rolling cart or tiered organizer

Wall storage

Backup toilet paper

Freestanding cabinet

Clear bins under the sink

Drawers with dividers

Hamper space

Lazy Susans

Ladder for hanging extra towels

Bins inside cabinet doors

Nooks for hair styling tools

Labeled, waterproof containers

Decorative trays

Shower caddy with suction cups

From drawer dividers to wall-mounted storage, these tips will help you organize all your lotions and potions while freeing up valuable counter space. With a little effort, you'll have the neat and welcoming bathroom you've always wanted.

Install open shelving above the toilet for extra storage

Install shelves above your toilet to transform vacant wall space into a functional display. Opt for open shelving as it offers visibility compared to boxed-in cabinetry. 

Rather than basic prefab units, custom-built shelves allow you to match the design to your existing décor. Coordinate the finishes with other bathroom details for a cohesive look. Then, use the additional storage spot above the toilet tank to tuck away extra supplies.

Keep your items conveniently within reach but out of the way to minimize clutter on bathroom countertops.

Use jars and cups in medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets gain functionality with the addition of mason jars or cups. Store items inside the cup or jar to make the most out of vertical space inside the cabinet. Keep like items together in each container—one for cotton balls, another for cotton swabs, and another for miscellaneous items. 

This organizing tip also lets you corral loose items that otherwise clutter the cabinet. With coordinated containers, your medicine cabinet will look tidy and streamlined.

Label storage bins and containers

Attractive labels add style and function to generic containers. Mix storage bins, baskets, and matching canisters for some variety. Start by sorting all bathroom items to determine categories for the containers, then purchase products accordingly.

white labels black script

Consistent labeling helps everyone identify designated places for bath essentials to maintain organization. Experiment with sleek containers and elegant script for elevated yet useful bathroom storage.

In our pantry label set, you’ll get 385 preprinted household labels for each room in your home, including the bathroom. You can also grab some of our basket tags to label baskets storing things like dryer sheets and toilet paper. They come in a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic

Transfer products into matching bottles

Transfer shampoos, body washes, lotions, and hand soaps into matching bottles for a cohesive look. Carefully pour product from the original bottles into the new bottles.

After washing bottles thoroughly, fill and label accordingly. Arrange in groups on bathroom shelves or inside shower caddies. The uniform vessels create a cleaner visual appearance compared to mismatched product packaging.

Invest in durable bottles that can be reused long-term. Over time, the initial effort pays off each time you refill rather than replace product packaging. With some matching bottles and simple labels, the bathroom takes on a spa-like uniformity.

Add a rolling cart or tiered organizer

Supplement bathroom cabinets with a rolling cart or tiered organizer. Choose one with multiple shelves, drawers, or a combination of the two to hold all sizes of items. These movable storage units house bulky hair tools or makeup organizers, as well as small necessities such as bobby pins, hair ties, etc.

Place frequently used products on the top shelves for easy access, and reserve lower tiers for overflow items or those used less often. A rolling cart hides items when not in use, yet makes them accessible with the slide of drawers or a spin of the wheels.

A rolling cart tucks beside vanities or in narrow spaces between existing furnishings. Then, simply roll it out of the way when cleaning. The mobility also allows you to tote items to other areas of the home. 

Mount wall storage for daily bathroom essentials

Maximize vertical real estate with mounted wall storage to gain space for daily essentials. Wall-mounted plastic organizers, floating shelves, and rail systems with hooks offer customizable options. Determine optimal placement based on your family’s height and usage habits.

Consider mounting storage near the shower or tub for easy access to towels and bath accessories. Or place it near the vanity to hold toiletries within arm’s reach. Wall-mounted solutions keep necessities handy while preserving precious floor and counter space in modest-sized bathrooms. Floating shelves are amazing for decorative items such as candles or greenery as well. 

You should go for storage units with an open design to allow moisture to evaporate freely in the humid bathroom environment.

Store backup toilet paper in a decorative basket

Rather than stashing extra toilet paper rolls openly on the bathroom floor or crammed in a vanity, place them in a decorative basket. The container neatly conceals the backup supply and complements your decor.

basket tags

For a cohesive look, select a storage basket that coordinates with other bathroom accessories (e.g. wastebaskets and towels). Or make a style statement with vivid wire baskets. Place the filled basket next to the toilet or tuck discreetly behind it. Our clear basket tags are a great way to label your toilet paper basket and add a sleek aesthetic element.

When nature calls at an inopportune time, you’ll appreciate having your toilet paper stash within arm’s reach. The overflow remains hidden inside the basket instead of out in the open.

Use a freestanding cabinet for extra linens

Get a narrow freestanding floor cabinet to house extra towels, washcloths, and linens. Choose a unit with shelves and drawers tailored to the sizes of items you need to organize. Then, fill the cabinet drawers with stacks of folded towels and smaller accessories.

Reserve upper shelves for bulky items (sheets, blankets, and bath mats) rotated seasonally. This provides plenty of space to neatly arrange extra linens. Its freestanding design allows you to position the organizer out of the way in an unused corner or next to existing bathroom furnishings, wherever it fits best!

Doors conceal the jumbled contents to maintain a tidy appearance. Finally, the specialized storage frees up room in main linen closets and prevents overcrowding vanities.

Categorize products in clear bins under the sink

The space under bathroom sinks often turns into a black hole of disarray. Take back this prime real estate with clear storage bins divided by category. Label each bin according to its designated contents using our removable and adjustable chalkboard labels. For example, you might have bins for hair products, skin care, dental care, grooming tools, and shower supplies.

The transparent bins allow you to instantly identify where items belong when putting things away. No more rummaging to find what you need. The see-through quality also enables quick inventory checks to prompt timely replenishing.

Install adjustable shelves under the sink to maximize vertical storage potential. The visible organizational system keeps even the most jam-packed cabinet organized.

Section out bathroom drawers with dividers

Dedicate one or more bathroom drawers to organizing all those loose bath products. First, install adjustable drawer dividers. These movable components create customized sections for separating categories of items. For instance, you might allocate space for makeup brushes, hair accessories, lotions, and medications.

The defined compartments prevent jumbled contents from becoming a disorganized mess over time. Plus, you can rearrange dividers to create different sized sections and accommodate new or seasonal products when needed.

Designate hamper space for dirty and clean towels

Prevent towel chaos with designated hampers—one for dirties and one for cleans. Search for a hamper duo with the same print or color for aesthetic appeal. This way, you’ll not only have an organized bathroom but also an optimized laundry routine.

Place the dirty hamper conveniently in the bathroom for collecting used towels and take it down to the washing machine when it fills up. Bring up the matching clean hamper filled with freshly laundered replacements.

The side-by-side hampers also prompt other household members to correctly separate towels. This way, everyone contributes to maintaining organization with this simple bathroom storage idea.

Install lazy Susans in cabinets for easy access

Lazy Susan turntables are a game-changer for organizing bathroom cabinets. The spinning organizer maximizes space in cupboard corners and deep shelves. Stock items upright on the multi-tiered trays, then give the lazy Susan a whirl to access everything.

Lazy Susan is ideal for makeup palettes, skincare products, and hair styling tools. You won’t have to dig past the front row to get at that elusive eyeliner ever again. 

Lazy Susans can be purchased as handy upgrades to standard shelves or found preinstalled in certain types of cabinetry. 

Incorporate a ladder for hanging extra towels

Trade traditional towel bars for a salvaged ladder to hang bath linens and add some farmhouse flair. Search flea markets or online retailers for vintage-style ladders with charm. Wooden and metal options complement an array of decor tastes from modern to rustic and everything in between.

Lean the ladder flat against the bathroom wall and secure it safely with hooks if needed. Drape rolled washcloths or folded hand towels over each rung. For a coordinated look, opt for all-white or colorful linens tied together with a ribbon.

The ladder expands vertical storage space compared to standard towel bars crowding horizontal wall areas. Tuck a basket below to catch dripping bath towels and complete the functional display. 

Attach bins inside cabinet doors to maximize space

Take advantage of the oft-overlooked space on the inside of cabinet doors with mounted storage bins. Opt for mesh organizers that allow air circulation so surfaces dry quickly in humid environments. Use removable adhesive hooks for attachment to avoid drilling holes.

Designate bins for different item categories—medications, dental, beauty supplies, and hair accessories are common groupings. The clear mesh construction keeps contents visible at a glance. 

Door-mounted storage also optimizes room for shelves and drawers inside the main bath cabinetry. The easily accessible bins keep bathroom necessities right where you need them, and help declutter bathroom surfaces.

Carve out nooks for hair styling tools

Between hair dryers, curling and flat irons, electric razors, and more, hair gadgets can overtake bathroom storage. Avoid tangled cords and clutter on counters with specialized nooks and niches.

Incorporate built-in recesses in cabinetry or shelving units to neatly stand appliances upright. Customize the spaces to fit your collection and keep hot tools secure and organized. Power strips mounted inside or on the back of storage ensure convenient access to plug in the army of styling appliances.

For quick cool-down between use, slot irons and curlers into a heat-resistant silicone mat. The custom resting spots protect cabinetry surfaces while allowing appliances to safely remain plugged in. Finally, enjoy tidier daily routines with dedicated homes for hot hair tools.

Corral bath toys in labeled, waterproof containers

Bathtub toy explosions can create slippery hazards. Avoid the mess by corralling rubber ducks, squirting fish, and floating boats in waterproof containers. Clear plastic bins allow children to easily view contents from the outside—no surprises inside!

Affix whimsical name labels to designate bins for categories such as squirt toys, dump and fill, or general fun. At clean-up time, labels guide little ones to return toys to their rightful bins. Lids keep toys secured when not in use, ready for the next bath time.

Between uses, place toy bins conveniently on shelves or on the bathroom vanity. The dry storage preserves toys and prevents mildew growth that ruins those beloved squeaky pals. Plus, quick cleanup without scattering toys across the bathroom keeps everyone smiling.

Display everyday items on a decorative tray

Elevate the look of ordinary bathroom products such as toothbrushes, lotions, bath salts, soaps, and more with an elegant tray for display. Choose one large enough to neatly arrange all items you use daily or multiple small trays to group like products.

Metal, wood, woven, or ceramic surfaces add style and neatly corral everyday essentials in one easy-access spot. Arrange items symmetrically for a soothing sense of order and quick access mid-grooming routine. Stash the tray out of sight or proudly display it on a bathroom counter when not actively in use.

For guests’ convenience, keep a stylish tray of mini toiletries and fresh folded washcloths bedside or on the vanity. The personalized hotel-style touch makes visitors feel pampered with a fresh stock of everything they need at arm’s reach.

Affix a shower caddy to the wall with suction cups

Adhesive shower organizers prevent shampoo bottles from toppling and cluttering tub surrounds. Strong suction cups firmly affix caddies directly to the tile without drilling holes. Choose drainage-friendly mesh designs to allow water flow and quick drying.

Use removable hooks to suspend poufs and razors from the mounted caddy. Assign spaces for each family member’s shampoos and soaps to eliminate confusion. With everything secured neatly in one spot, enjoy a clutter-free shower.

Stash backup supplies in a corner-mounted shelf or wall-hung cabinet. Refills stand upright and at the ready for easy switching when you run out. With optimized vertical storage, all bath supplies stay nearby without invading foot space.

Bathroom organization ideas FAQ

How do I organize space under the pedestal sink?

To organize the space under a pedestal sink, install adjustable shelves to maximize vertical storage. Then, categorize items into clear bins labeled hair care, skin care, dental, etc. This keeps things visible yet tidy. Our white basket tags are perfect for this!

How do you make a boring bathroom look nice?

To make a boring bathroom look nice, paint the walls an inviting hue like sage green. Display neatly folded organic cotton towels on wall-mounted ladder shelving. Finally, add a decorative tray holding soaps and lotions on the vanity to spice up the aesthetic.

Can you rearrange the bathroom layout?

Yes, you can rearrange a bathroom’s layout. Do so by moving or removing bulky furnishings that cramp the space. Install new storage such as bathroom corner shelves or cabinets to better utilize awkward empty areas. Then, create zones for wet areas versus getting-ready spaces that stay dry.

Where do you put towels in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, install a towel ladder vertically to hang towels, freeing up floor space. You can also roll towels neatly and store them in a stylish freestanding basket or cabinet with doors to keep them concealed.

How do I organize my bathroom without buying anything?

To organize your bathroom without making purchases, thoroughly sort and purge items first. Use empty food containers, jars, and bottles to store supplies like cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup brushes. Create labels using old tape or pieces of paper to identify what’s inside. You can also use leftover cardboard from packages to create vertical holders for things like toilet paper rolls, towels, and washcloths.

How do I decorate a bathroom with simple things?

Decorate a bathroom simply with mini succulents in tiny planters on the windowsill, or display a trio of candlesticks on a decorative tray atop the vanity. A few framed black-and-white botanical prints keep the room looking polished yet tranquil.

How do I organize a bathroom with little space?

In a small bathroom, mount corner shelves for vertical storage instead of bulky furnishings.  Attach bins inside cabinet doors to maximize available space and free up the already limited counter space. Categorize items in bins and use dividers inside drawers to keep necessities accessible but out of sight.

How do I decorate a wall in a small bathroom?

To decorate a wall in a cramped bathroom, install floating shelves staggered at different heights for display. Style with rolled washcloths and ceramic vessels holding cotton balls and swabs. The vertical arrangement keeps the space feeling airy and organized. You can also put up small pieces of art or other decor on empty wall space to add some extra flair.

How do I keep my bathroom clutter free?

Keep your bathroom clutter-free by giving everything a designated storage spot based on frequency of use. Daily necessities go in easy-reach spots like trays and mounted wall organizers. While backup supplies and overflow occupy bins, baskets, and cabinets concealed neatly out of sight.

How do you hide cleaning supplies in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, hide cleaning supplies out of sight in a rolling cart with doors. Tuck the bathroom cart in an unused corner or recessed area. Then, simply roll it out when duty calls to quickly tidy up.