10 smart bedroom organization ideas

10 smart bedroom organization ideas

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation, but clutter and mess can make it feel chaotic. Clever organizational ideas help you maximize your bedroom's potential.

Read on to learn useful tips to optimize storage space, reduce mess, and create an organized bedroom oasis that is perfect for relaxation.

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Laundry baskets

Clear bins to categorize and store like items

One way to bring order to a chaotic bedroom is to use clear storage bins. They neatly corral items while allowing you to see contents at a glance. Rectangular bins maximize shelf space and slide smoothly on closet organizers.

Consider sturdy bins with latching lids to keep clothing and linens dust-free. Stack and label them by category—pajamas, accessories, seasonal clothes, etc. This condenses items for accessibility and to save space, while also protecting them.

When you tackle organization in your bedroom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But take it step-by-step. Start by figuring out what items you want to group—out-of-season apparel, accessories, or exercise clothing. Choose a few matching bins for each category. As you group like items into their respective containers, your space will become uniform and tidy.

Make use of vertical real estate to gain storage capacity. Stack the see-through bins on shelves or in closet organizers. This prevents wasting any valuable space.

Wall shelves to display photos, mementos, and art

Wall space presents the opportunity to create extra real estate in bedrooms. You can install floating ledges or opt for wall-mounted shelves. These provide perfect spots to showcase favorite photos, travel trinkets, or art.

wall shelves

Purpose-built shelf units maximize available room. Mix open shelves with enclosed cabinets for visual balance. Use shelves above a dresser or nightstand to highlight special mementos. The vertical space showcases possessions you love while preventing desktop clutter.

When choosing shelf materials, consider durability and aesthetics. Powder-coated metal stands up to everyday use and offers a  sleek look. For a cozier warmth, opt for solid wood shelves with intricate details. Include built-in lighting to highlight displayed items or create ambient mood lighting.

Wall shelves lend both functionality and personalized flair. They conveniently store often-used items within arm’s reach while acting as accents that you can personalize to your liking.

Over-the-door organizers for scarves, bags, and shoes

Bedroom clutter easily accumulates on floors and furniture surfaces. Reclaim living space with an over-the-door organizer. This convenient storage solution neatly houses shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Find over-the-door options with adjustable shelves and compartments that you can size for big purses and backpacks, or even a single pair of shoes. Some feature hanging rods to neatly store scarves. Designate a shelf for wallets, sunglasses, and other daily essentials to keep them out of the way and easily accessible.

Utilize the back of closet or bathroom doors to conveniently house footwear. Store your shoes carefully to keep them in good shape. Install sturdy shoe racks with protective sleeves or cubbies. For quick access to your favorite pairs, consider open shelving with adjustable dividers.

Over-the-door storage helps prevent clutter and keeps personal items concealed but easily reached.

Jewelry organizer tree or armoire

Jewelry often piles up all over bedroom tables and shelves. A standing jewelry tree or a small cabinet is a perfect way to keep jewelry and small accessories organized.

Jewelry trees feature small hooks to neatly hang necklaces, bracelets, and your other favorite pieces. For a compact option that saves bedside table space, mini jewelry trees offer the same hanging function while conserving surface area. Armoires and narrow cabinets with small drawers create enclosed storage perfect for safely organizing rings, earrings as well as other valuables.

Proper jewelry storage not only decreases frustrating clutter but also protects precious items from damage or loss. Display a few eye-catching pieces as decoration to boost style while keeping go-to accessories conveniently ready to grab before rushing out the door.

Under-bed storage containers for extra linens and clothing

Some beds have unused storage space underneath them. Optimize this dead space for extra storage by using under-bed bins and baskets. These convenient containers are the perfect way for you to neatly stow extra linens, clothing, and much more.

Purpose-built under-bed storage boxes feature caster wheels so they can be rolled out when accessing contents. Label each bin by category, using labels such as sheets, blankets, seasonal items, etc. Some options have integrated handles or removable lids that add efficiency when inserting and removing items.

You can also stow belongings in soft fabric storage baskets and bags that have durable canvas construction which can fold flat when empty. 

Use our convenient basket tags to label your storage baskets and keep items organized. Purchase different-sized bags to accommodate smaller or bulkier items. Use bed risers if needed to create space or increase existing under-bed space.

Home labels to categorize boxes and bins

Once you have organized items into storage containers, add labels so anyone can instantly identify the contents. Self-adhesive labels conveniently stick to the outside of under-bed bins, shelving cube boxes, or inside dresser drawers.

Home labels

You can choose to create custom labels using tape and marker or opt for pre-printed labels for a more uniform look. Our pre-made home labels feature categories for each room in the house and come in black script or white script styles. The adhesive sticks securely yet is removed cleanly when updating labels as contents change. 

Visible organizing labels transform disorganized bedrooms into tidy spaces so you can always find what you need with ease.

Hanging closet organizers and storage cubes

Bedroom closets typically have lots of storage space if used properly. Install hanging closet organizers to maximize the area efficiently. These units feature adjustable shelves, expandable drawers, and more.

Purpose-built organizers streamline closet storage with smooth drawers and polished metal bars for hanging foldable items. Label each compartment—t-shirts, pants, accessories etc. Install stackable storage cubes on shelves for throw pillows, laundry, and other miscellany.

Look for closet organizer systems with adjustable divider panels and useful bonus features like jewelry drawers, and spin racks for belts. Sturdy, high-quality materials ensure your organizers will hold up for years of reliable use.

Drawer organizers for socks, t-shirts, and other items

Dresser drawers fill up quickly, especially when they aren’t organized. Create order with handy built-in organizers for folding clothing, undergarments, accessories, and more.

Consider felt drawer dividers sized for t-shirts, undergarments, socks, and other necessities. These bendable inserts feature multiple compartments to neatly stand items upright—emanating Marie Kondo energy. Look for stackable designs when dealing with an extra deep chest of drawers.

Extra deep drawers can sometimes fit removable caddies for everything from scarves and belts to exercise apparel and pajama sets. Caddy handles make them portable for a fast and easy laundry day routine.

No need for new dressers, simply install purpose-built drawer organizers for optimized use of existing space. Conveniently access folded wardrobe items and utilize every square inch inside those dresser drawers efficiently.

Nightstand caddies to corral small essentials

Traditional nightstands waste precious space. Bedside caddies create additional storage for small essentials such as phones, glasses, books, and more.

Look for caddies with built-in dividers, tiny shelves, and soft compartments sized for daily must-haves. Some feature handles that make them easy to adjust and relocate. Label each section to avoid clutter.

For enclosed storage, install mini organizers inside the nightstand itself. Designate cubbies for electronic items and their chargers, favorite books and magazines, etc. Use top compartments for favorite framed photos. Hooks inside the door keep jewelry safe while sleeping.

Bedside caddies make use of existing furniture pieces rather than requiring new ones. Keep everyday items neatly stored but still conveniently within arm's reach.

Pegboards to hang and access frequently used items

Install pegboards on bedroom blank walls to maximize unused space. Pegboards have gridded holes for attaching customized organizational accessories.

For jewelry storage, mount small metal hooks across the board. Hang necklaces and bracelets from each hook to keep them untangled and visible at a glance. For bags and hats, use longer hooks to hang them by their straps.

Use slender horizontal rods below to neatly store folded scarves, ties, and belts. The rod offers a quick visual inventory and prevents items from falling onto the floor.

Repurpose wall space with pegboards to improve bedroom accessibility and organization. Hanging essentials proves to be more effective than shoving them into the pile of clothes on your storage bench. 

Laundry baskets for dirty clothes

Open laundry baskets in bedrooms let you easily toss in piles of dirty clothes. Choose roomy hampers with wide openings that hold lots of shirts, socks, pants, etc. Sturdy baskets stand up to heavy loads without tipping.

Wire mesh hampers allow maximum airflow to help control odors and avoid that musty dirty laundry smell that can take over your bedroom. Portable freestanding baskets are easily moved around rooms to catch laundry wherever clothes pile up.

These laundry baskets can simplify your laundry routine and help you keep your space neat. 

Bedroom organization tips FAQ

How can I declutter my bedroom fast?

To declutter your bedroom quickly, sort everything into piles (e.g. trash, donate, keep). Be ruthless about only keeping items you really need and love to create a tidy space. 

For example, use large plastic containers to store off-season clothing such as heavy coats and boots. Also, you can install shoe organizers under the bed or take advantage of a platform bed with storage drawers to neatly corral footwear.

How do you organize and decorate a minimalist bedroom?

Focus on multifunctional furniture for a minimalist bedroom, such as a platform bed with handy built-in storage drawers to reduce clutter. Decorate with a sparse number of carefully selected decorative pillows and perhaps a single statement coffee table with a nice jewelry box and watch. 

How do you organize a walk-in closet?

With ample room available, a walk-in closet offers great potential for optimized storage and organization. Some walk-in closet organization ideas that we love are:

  • Install double hanging rods to double your hanging storage capacity. Use one rod for long items like dresses and coats. Place a higher rod for neatly arranging tops, blouses, and shirts.
  • Incorporate floor-to-ceiling shelving on empty walls. Use durable storage bins of various sizes to store sweaters, jeans, pajamas, workout clothes, and seasonal accessories.
  • Transform a wider closet into a customized dressing room. Install a mirrored vanity for applying makeup. Use a decorative ottoman or chair for sitting while changing shoes.
  • Designate an area for laundry needs—shelves for cleaned folded items waiting for dresser drawer refills, hampers for collecting dirty clothes. Have laundry necessities centralized.
  • Add customized organizational elements such as jewelry drawers, rotating belt displays, and special inserts to neatly store scarves, ties, and undergarments.
  • Add a place for personal care items. Keep all your essential items in one place.

How to organize your bedroom with a minimal budget?

When you organize your bedroom on a budget, start by thoroughly decluttering—donate or toss anything non-essential. Next, make the most of existing storage areas, no matter how small. Dollar store storage bins tucked under the bed or stacked in closets categorize out-of-season clothes and linens for cheap. 

Roll up off-season dresses and pants to stand vertically to maximize the use of closet rod space. Designate open plastic containers for sorting clothing by type—t-shirts together, socks together, dress pants together—to see what you have. Use what you already own creatively, and purchase cheap, practical organizers if need be. 

What is the tidy toss method?

The tidy toss method is used to declutter a space by quickly sorting everything into "toss piles". This means you should instantly throw or donate items you no longer need without second-guessing to achieve a tidy space. Only keep necessities and your favorite items, and toss or donate the rest.

How do you structure a bedroom?

To structure a bedroom means to strategically design and arrange the furniture placement to create sensible living zones. For example, position the bed away from doorways for privacy, and  put nightstands nearby for reading and storing sleep-related items. 

Have a designated work area with a supportive desk chair facing a wall to minimize visual clutter while working. Find a good spot to build out a dressing hub with a mirror, seating, and great lighting.

Where should the dresser be placed in the bedroom?

The dresser should be placed along the wall nearest to the closet space. This creates an efficient dressing zone to access garments and makes selecting outfits convenient. Position the dresser so it does not obstruct room flow traffic when drawers are pulled out. Allow ample space to fully open drawers without issue.