10 fantastic above-fridge storage ideas

10 fantastic above-fridge storage ideas

The space above the fridge offers prime storage space but is usually overlooked. Transform this unused area into valuable storage that organizes kitchen items and minimizes countertop clutter. 

Implement these creative above fridge storage hacks to get the most out of your space and bring order to the kitchen.

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Utilize wire shelving

Install a paper towel holder

Use bins and baskets

Add a mini-fridge

Use racks and shelves

Designate space for kids’ snacks

Install utensil hooks or pegs

Store cutting boards

Use hanging racks

Add shallow cabinetry

These 10 clever solutions range from quick five-minute fixes to weekend projects. Let’s take a look!

Utilize wire shelving for small appliances

Wire shelving above your refrigerator provides a perfect spot to store often-used small appliances that take up precious counter space. Stand mixers, blenders, and toaster ovens can find a home with the addition of commercial wire shelving cut to size. This allows you to keep frequently used appliances plugged in and ready for action while freeing up the counters below.

When installing wire shelves, measure carefully and anchor securely along studs, or use hollow drywall anchors if needed. Utilize the rear wall for support as well. For safety, secure appliances in place on the open shelves using cords, outlet strips with built-in cord wraps, or non-slip lining. 

Wire shelving creates valuable space for frequently-used appliances.

Install a paper towel holder

Install a paper towel holder right above the fridge. Choose a spot that lets you easily grab sheets with one hand. Install the holder securely through drywall to wall studs or use hollow wall anchors if required.

When positioned within arm's reach above the fridge, a paper towel roll stays readily available to wipe up spills, handle hot dishes, or for various other kitchen jobs. You won’t have to run across the entire kitchen just to reach the paper towels. This simple addition utilizes the previously ignored space in a very practical way. 

Use bins and baskets for food storage

This often awkward space on top of the fridge is perfect for storage bins and baskets to organize food items that don’t need to be refrigerated. Ideas for utilizing food storage containers include:

  • Plastic bins for onions, potatoes, and other fresh produce free up space in kitchen drawers and cabinets below.
  • Baskets for storage with vertical dividers to neatly organize snack items (e.g. chips, pretzels, popcorn, and many more). Check out our basket tags for labeling.
  • Clear plastic containers with labels to store bulk dry goods from the pantry such as rice, quinoa, or dried beans.
  • Stackable shelves that hold smaller spice jars up and out of the way of kitchen drawer contents.
  • Cubby organizer bins for fruit that don't need refrigeration such as oranges or bananas.
  • Sliding basket drawers for breakfast items such as boxes of cereal.
Bamboo spice jars

With storage bins and baskets made to fit above the fridge, make use of vertical real estate to get items out of kitchen drawers and fridge cabinet spaces.

Our set of 12 bamboo spice jars is perfect for your spice and seasoning organization. With an 8.5 oz volume, hand-painted bamboo lid, and silicone ring for an airtight seal, your precious spices will stay fresh and organized. 

Add a mini-fridge

A compact mini-fridge above your main refrigerator lets you expand cold food storage. Mini-fridges designed for office use, college dorms, or bars are well situated on the top of a fridge. Anchor the fridge safely to the wall studs using brackets or a prefabricated shelf with guardrails.

Store beverages, leftovers, deli meats, or use it as extra fridge space for big events. The convenience of having an additional fridge eliminates constant shuffling to make space and avoids running out of chilled storage. Position it for easy access via step stool as required. Some mini-fridge models can also freeze items with a separate freezer section.

Use racks and shelves for frequently used items

Installing racks and shelves above the fridge keeps frequently used items readily accessible. This transforms previously disregarded space into valuable storage.

Some ideas for racks and shelves above the fridge include:

knives rack
  • Spice rack. A wall-mounted spice rack puts herbs and seasoning within arm's reach for cooking. Mount securely to studs and anchor jars in place.
  • Knife block. Clear counter space with a wall-mounted wood or acrylic knife block. Choose a spot that allows safe, easy access.
  • Pot lid organizer. Lid racks or hanging racks organize pot lids of various sizes that otherwise occupy cabinets.
  • Wine racks. Elegant wine racks transform the space above the fridge into a stylish display for your favorite wine bottles whether they’re treasured vintages or everyday pours.
  • Dish organizers. Wall-mounted dish racks neatly store plates, bowls, or baking sheets vertically to save cabinet room.

Designate space for kids’ snacks

The often-overlooked space above the refrigerator can be turned into a perfect spot to store kids' favorite snacks. Install wall mounts like bins, baskets, or cubbies specifically sized to fit the narrow area on top of the fridge. Choose sturdy containers that organize a variety of snack items such as nutrition bars, crackers, popcorn packs, juice pouches, and more.

Clear plastic bins allow kids to easily see what snacks are available while colorful bins help designate separate storage areas. Keep unhealthy or special snacks out of their reach, so they have to ask you to retrieve them. Securely fastened mounts prevent messy spills.

Install utensil hooks or pegs

Install hooks above the fridge for hanging cooking tools to free up your junk drawers. Add a handy station to store frequently used utensils within reach.

Choose durable hooks that securely anchor to wall studs and hold the weight of metal spoons and spears. Consider cup hooks, metal utility hooks, and sturdy wooden holders. Multi-prong hooks allow sliding tools in and out with ease.

Mount hooks and pegs in an easily accessible spot away from appliances and electrical. Space hooks appropriately to accommodate various tool sizes. Keep things orderly to allow easy access when you need something.

Store cutting boards upright

Cutting boards take up too much space in cabinets and can create a mess. Store them standing upright instead to put that awkward area over the fridge to good use.

Install a mounted rack, or holders, or even repurpose a dish rack for the narrow space. Lean wood or plastic cutting boards inside so they are easy to slide in and pull out when it's cooking time.

Position the upright boards close enough for you to conveniently grab them without extensive reaching, but make sure racks fully anchor into studs to safely support the weight. Keep your most used boards holstered above and even display beautiful wooden carved boards like kitchen art.

This will help you organize the cutting board above your fridge and clear out the bottom cabinets for other items. You can also use it for the organization of your baking tins.

Use hanging racks for foil and wrap

Tuck foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper out of the way with hanging racks installed above the fridge. Mounting racks utilize vertical space instead of cramming these baking essentials into deep upper cabinets or crowded cabinet doors.

Choose durable hardware and panels designed to mount on cabinet space above appliances. Opt for racks with hooks, rods, or tiered shelves to neatly roll and dispense foil boxes along with wax paper.

Hanging racks clear out precious cabinets and drawers for mixing bowls, baking pans, and other frequently used cooking items. You won’t have to dig behind supplies stored in a deep cabinet just to access foil or wraps for your culinary creations.

Add shallow cabinetry for household essentials

Slimline cabinets can transform once awkward space into valuable hidden storage. Sturdy, shallow cabinets with doors will store extra supplies that otherwise would crowd your countertops when cupboard space runs short.

Fancy cloth napkins and those special occasion serving platters no longer hog everyday kitchen cabinet space. Store them above the refrigerator for easy access when you want to elevate a  dining experience with your good stuff. 

The built-in organization also neatly organizes everyday condiments, oils, and spices right where you need them by the cooking station. Custom storage bins have spots ready for the can't-live-without baking pans, gloves, and tools of the trade.

With a bit of creativity, the often underutilized area above the refrigerator can be transformed into extra space that is perfect for storing everything from small appliances and kids' snacks to decorative items, and more.

Above fridge storage FAQ

Is it okay to keep the microwave above the fridge?

It is perfectly fine to store your microwave on top of the refrigerator. Be sure to safely secure it in place, either by using brackets or resting it on a sturdy shelf anchored into wall studs to prevent it from shifting or falling.

Can you stand a fridge on the top of a fridge?

No, placing one refrigerator directly on top of another is extremely unstable and risks product damage or injury. Instead, install a special mounting shelf with guardrails designed to safely secure a smaller mini-fridge if you want expanded refrigerated storage above your main unit.

What should not be put on the top of the fridge?

Avoid placing anything extremely heavy that could fall and cause harm, such as large containers full of food or liquids that could spill. Also, don't store items that could shift around and fall through ventilation slats on top. Stick to lighter items secured in place.

What is the most basic rule in food storage in the refrigerator?

The most essential rule of refrigerator storage is to observe safe temperature guidelines. The rule of thumb is 40°F or below for fridge storage, and 0°F for freezers to prevent spoilage or food-borne illnesses. Place items such as meat and dairy furthest from door shelves which see more temperature fluctuations.

Should there be a cabinet above refrigerators?

Instal shallow cabinets, shelving, or racks above the refrigerator to utilize the vertical space efficiently for storage without impeding ventilation. Anchor cabinets securely to protect contents from humidity and condensation. Glass doors work well to allow visibility of stored contents.

Where should you not put a refrigerator in the kitchen?

Do not put your refrigerator near hot appliances such as ovens or dishwashers or in spaces with direct sunlight. Also, make sure not to block ventilation or circulation areas, and leave adequate room to fully open doors.

What are some DIY above-fridge storage ideas?

Here are some DIY ideas you can try:

  • Install custom wire shelving
  • Build vertical spice racks
  • Mount bars and racks for utensils
  • Add paper towel holders
  • Construct shallow storage cabinets
  • Use stacked bins and baskets to hold bulk foods or kitchen gear
  • Build a custom cabinet with doors for concealed storage
  • Use rope caulkins for additional levels of vertical storage

What are some great fridge cabinet storage ideas?

Some great fridge cabinet storage ideas you can try are:

  1. Install slide-out trays, shelves, and racks to maximize vertical space in fridge cabinet interiors. Use bins and baskets to neatly corral similar items from produce to condiments. 
  2. Affix storage racks onto doors to stash jars, bottles, and other everyday essentials within reach.
  3. Add divider bars and compartments customized to properly store everything from drinks to deli meats in an organized manner.