12 bathroom cabinet organization ideas

12 bathroom cabinet organization ideas

Do you cringe every time you open your bathroom cabinet only to be met by an explosion of toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, and disorganized clutter? With some of our simple organizational tweaks, you can tame that chaotic space. 

Discover simple solutions and useful ideas for arranging your bathroom cabinet so you can find what you need when you need it.

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Adjustable shelves

Pull-out drawers

Hanging racks

Lazy Susans

Slide-out trays


Labeled clear containers

Vertical dividers

Pull-out cabinets

Use labels

Store extras

Tiered shelves

Use adjustable shelves to customize storage

With adjustable shelves, you’ll be able to configure your bathroom cabinet to accommodate your storage needs. Shelves can be raised or lowered to create space for larger items or provide easy access for frequently used items.

Consider sturdy materials such as wood, metal, or durable plastic. Transparent acrylic lets you easily view contents, while enclosed bins keep items in place and prevent shifting.

Attach organizers and rail systems to fully customize shelves. Designate spaces for medical supplies, toiletries, accessories, and more with handy dividers and smart labels. An organized cabinet makes it easy to find what you need.

As your needs change, reorder shelves to maximize every inch of space while keeping essentials visible and within arm's reach. A small investment makes your bathroom cabinet more accessible for years to come.

Install pull-out drawers for easy access

Install pull-out drawers to access hard-to-reach bathroom cabinet corners. High-quality slides let drawers fully extend for a complete range of motion. Sturdy hardware ensures your drawer system lasts for years even with excessive use..

Consider different drawer sizes to maximize space:

  • Deep, wide drawers store bulky hair dryers or curling irons.
  • Medium drawers neatly organize toiletries.
  • Stacked shallow drawers hold small accessories.

Use removable organizers to divide drawers and designate spaces for products such as cosmetics in one section and bath toys in another. Customized storage keeps similar bathroom items together for organization and easy access.

Pull-out drawers transform wasted cabinet space into functional storage space. Invest in quality, reliable hardware to avoid frequent replacements, keep daily essentials handy, and prevent messy spills.

Use over-the-door hanging racks for more space

Install over-the-door hanging racks to take advantage of vacant cabinet door surfaces. Sturdy racks with steel bars securely store hand towels, wash cloths, and other items. Proper installation ensures racks latch tightly to withstand the stress of repeated opening and closing.

hanging rack

Consider spring-loaded racks that compress to fit over doors and spring back out to full extension. These maximize storage capacity for the door area. For standard hinged cabinet doors that open outwards, choose horizontal racks. Use vertical racks on sliding cabinet doors that route back into the wall cavity.

Racks constructed with heavy-duty chrome, rubberized grips, and rubber tips on hook ends securely cradle contents without slipping or damaging cabinet surfaces, even with heavy use. High tension wire between bars minimizes item shifting.

Add a lazy Susan for corner cabinet storage

Lazy Susans allow those awkward corner spaces that often go unused to be used efficiently.

Choose a unit that has a sturdy, smooth rotating base with tall spindles that extend upwards to optimize vertical space. Consider flexible options with adjustable or removable shelves that accommodate items of varying sizes and heights.

Use dividers or edge guards to stabilize supplies and prevent tipping. Ball-bearing lazy Susans spin effortlessly even under heavier loads. They bring the contents of hard-to-reach areas right to your fingertips with a quick spin.

Sturdy models have a weight capacity exceeding 50 pounds to handle bulkier hair tools, medical kits, towels, and more. Their heavy-duty frames constructed from solid wood or steel withstand the test of time and busy bathroom use.

Try slide-out trays and bins for small items

Install slide-out trays and bins to neatly corral small bathroom essentials (cosmetics, nail care supplies, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, hand creams, and more). Smooth ball-bearing tracks let trays and bins glide smoothly for quick, seamless access.

Stackable trays and bins of varying depths handle everything from cotton balls and Q-tips to taller bottles or hair brushes. Durable materials (bamboo, steel wire, and shatterproof plastic) provide the most secure and reliable options.

Removable dividers allow customization of compartments to keep similar products neatly grouped. Trays and dividing accessories come in standard sizes to easily retrofit existing cabinets.

Slide-out storage layers fully utilize vertical cabinet space from top to bottom. Multiple handy access points prevent the frustration of digging for items. Keep small bathroom necessities organized in slide-out bins and trays and make the most of bathroom cabinet space.

Use baskets to corral hair products

Tame unwieldy hair tools such as brushes, dryers, styling products, and accessories with a dedicated storage basket. Custom configurations can be mounted securely inside cabinet doors to provide easy access and free up bathroom counter space.

Consider see-through baskets constructed from materials like wicker, mesh, or metal bars that allow you to identify contents at a glance. Multiple compartments keep similar items neatly grouped. Avoid the frustration of searching through a messy cabinet to find your hair products.

white label black script

With all of your daily hair care items organized in one designated spot, busy morning routines become streamlined. No more dripping water everywhere or tearing apart cabinets to find a brush. 

For another level of organization and accessibility, check out our collection of basket tags. We offer several different basket tag styles to suit your needs and aesthetic preferences, including clear tags, black tags, and wooden tags.

Store medication in labeled clear containers

Utilize clear plastic bins and canisters to organize medicine cabinet contents. Containers neatly corral pills, liquids, and ointments into designated storage. Clear walls provide visibility so you can monitor supply levels and be aware of when to restock.

Consider sturdy stackable bins for shelf storage. Removable dividers customize compartment sizes to fit odd-shaped bottles. Locking lids keep kids and pets out.

For cabinet door mounting, hanging bags with transparent fronts work well. Multiple see-through pouches attach via grippers or hooks to utilize vacant interior space.

Use peel-and-stick or chalkboard labels to designate contents—prescriptions, pain relievers, supplements, first aid, etc. Keep your bottles and med containers properly labeled in clear containers to save yourself the headache of fumbling around with mystery containers.

Labeled clear containers provide safe, easy access to health essentials. Take the guesswork out of your daily medication routine and streamline bathroom cabinet organization.

Use vertical dividers for narrow shelves

Get vertical dividers to optimize organization on a bathroom’s often narrow cabinet shelves. Dividers compartmentalize spaces to allow for neat stacking of items that are similar in height—cleansing face scrubs alongside micellar waters, cotton swab travel cases next to nail polish and nail clippers, etc.

Consider spring-loaded dividers that compress to fit tight spaces then lock in place to remain upright. Ball-bearing slides on some models let dividers smoothly reposition horizontally as needed.

Clear acrylic or mesh dividers maintain the visibility of categorized contents. Designate zones for makeup, dental care, first aid, and more with peel-and-stick labels on divider fronts.

Try under-sink pull-out cabinets

Install pull-out cabinets beneath pedestal sinks to access space otherwise blocked by pipework. Custom-built cabinetry frames in piping allow the dead plumbing corner to become a valuable storage space.

Consider two-tiered designs offering a choice of open shelving or enclosed cabinets. Sturdy, full-extension slides and frames created specifically for compact spaces are great for under-sink storage.

Designate zones for cleaning supplies, backup soap bottles, extra rolls of toilet paper, and additional towels or other bathroom linens. 

Reclaim that often neglected under-sink space and optimize your bathroom cabinet storage.

Label everything clearly

Ensure items get put back properly with easy-to-read, clear labels.

Consider durable peel-and-stick labels for a customizable solution. Use waterproof vinyl for containers that are frequently exposed to moisture, like those housing bathroom cleaners and sprays. Chalkboard labels make reorganization a breeze.

bamboo spice jar

Categorize zones for similar items—medical supplies, hair care, dental and beauty products, etc. Color coding is also a great way to create categories.

For small, loose items such as cotton swabs, bars of soap, medicine capsules, and hair ties, consider using our bamboo jars with easy-to-read labels. These durable jars are perfect for extra cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other small bathroom necessities. Their airtight lids provide secure, convenient access and prevent spillage. Keep your bathroom vanity organized with a clear labeling system so you know exactly where everything goes!

Store extra toilet paper rolls neatly

Don’t let those stacks of bulky toilet paper take up precious cabinet space. Instead, neatly store extra rolls to make bathroom organization a breeze.

Consider upright woven holder bins sized to slide onto your shelves nicely. Bins that have an open diamond design provide visibility so you can keep tabs on supply, and allow proper air circulation to prevent your toilet paper from getting soggy.

For sink cabinets, install slide-out trays to neatly arrange rolls in a single layer. Trays that are fully extended allow easy access without shifting plumbing. Some of them also feature adjustable dividers to accommodate different roll sizes and counts.

Small cubbies or boxes designated specifically for backup rolls keep them separated from other items. 

Use tiered shelves for towels or toiletries

Maximize bathroom storage and visibility with adjustable tiered shelving. Available in moisture and corrosion-resistant materials, these customizable shelves organize towels and toiletries neatly.

Portable tiered organizers with small footprints make the most of floor space inside cabinets. Some feature handles for convenient repositioning, while others have raised edges to prevent items from shifting and tipping.

Spring-loaded posts and poles allow for simply retrofitting into pre-existing cabinets. Adjust the spacing between tiers to accommodate different-sized towels and bathroom supplies. Make sure to use every inch available—avoid wasting vertical space when possible.

Further organize each tier by using peel-and-stick labels—frequently used items up top, backup products below. Tiered organization multiplies usable storage space in bathroom cabinets. 

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Bathroom cabinet organization ideas FAQ

How do you organize a messy vanity?

To organize a messy vanity, follow these simple steps:

  • Completely clear out the vanity and clean all surfaces, drawers, and storage areas
  • Determine the frequency of use for each item
  • Place most reached-for items on countertops or in top drawers
  • Install slide-out trays, dividers, and bins to categorize items
  • Label everything clearly—hair, skin, oral, medical, etc.
  • Only keep essentials out on bathroom countertops, stash everything else in cabinets
  • Throw away old products and duplicates for a clutter-free bathroom
  • Use drawer organizers to neatly separate items
  • Designate lower drawers and areas for less used products
  • Wipe down all storage zones weekly to maintain order

What do you put in bathroom drawers?

Good items to store in bathroom drawers are daily skincare products, makeup tools, hair brushes and styling devices, cotton pads and balls, contact lens supplies, oral hygiene essentials such as floss and toothpaste, and small OTC medications. 

You can use organizers such as tiered dividers, upright compartments, and small bins to neatly arrange contents by category for improved accessibility. Top drawers should hold things you use on a daily basis, while bottom drawers should hold items that are used less frequently.

What do you put in a cabinet above the toilet?

The cabinet above the toilet tank stores backup supplies of toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. You can also use the space for extra towels, makeup organizers, nail care items, medicine cabinet overstock (bandages, cleaning wipes, air fresheners), or bathroom cleaning supplies. Lightweight items are best for the high shelves to promote safety and prevent injury when taking them out.

How do you maximize space in a small bathroom?

You can maximize space in a small bathroom with some smart storage solutions. 

  1. Install pull-out trays, corner carousels, and over-the-door racks inside cabinets to take advantage of all available space. 
  2. Wall-mounted dispensers and floating shelves provide locations for key items to avoid taking up precious counter space.
  3. Use vertical storage units like 4-tier shelves for toilet paper storage.

How do you make a boring bathroom look nice?

To make a bland bathroom more stylish, introduce colorful towels, shower curtains, and bath rugs. Paint one vibrant accent wall to warm up plain white ones. Display color-coordinated storage containers—matching ceramic canisters and glass bottles for aesthetic flow. 

Dress up mundane cabinet fronts with shiny hardware or apply a decorative trim. Perfect lighting transforms a space—install overhead, vanity, and wall lighting. Finally, inject some character into your bathroom with wall art and greenery. 

What can I do with deep bathroom cabinets?

Deep bathroom cabinets offer ample storage. Install slide-out trays that reach to the back cabinet wall and then neatly categorize items by frequency of use. Keep your most used items at the front and store items less frequently used toward the back. Spinning lazy Susans make the most of awkward corner spaces in deep bathroom cabinets. Mount racks or shelves on the inside of doors to store backup toiletries, medical supplies, and cleaning products.